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Fermented Vegetables :: The book

Sneak Preview. Available for preorder from :: Powell's Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or IndieBound

For anyone interested in delving deeper into the fermentation of vegetables, this book is a valuable resource, one of the most impressive new additions to the growing literature of fermentation. Fermented Vegetables offers a thorough review of basic concepts, tools, ingredients, and processes, and a great recipe section, organized by vegetable, perfect for gardeners or anyone looking for creative ideas for using and preserving seasonal abundance.
— Sandor Ellix Katz, Fermentation Revivalist and Author of the Art of Fermentation and Wild Fermentation
Fermented Vegetables is nothing if not thorough, which is exactly what I was hoping to find in this handsome, detailed, in-depth book. Such good information and so much of it!
— Deborah Madison, Author of Vegetable Literacy, Cooking and Gardening with Twelve Families from the Edible Plant Kingdom
Kirsten Shockey and Christopher Shockey take the art of lacto-fermentation to a whole new level in Fermented Vegetables. The authors provide precise instruction for beginners and then inspire the reader with wonderfully creative ways to use sauerkraut and all its cousins in everything from quiche to enchiladas. This beautifully illustrated book belongs on the shelves of both amateur and professional chefs.
— Sally Fallon Morell, President The Weston A. Price Foundation, author of Nourishing Traditions
How to do it and what to do with it! This book covers all the aspects of fermentation. Eggplant, kimchees, fermented Basil, sweet to savory. All you need to know lies in this book. Le pigeon now has a new “how to” to grace our book shelves.
— Gabriel Rucker, Le Pigeon restaurant, Portland, Oregon

Become a Fermentista*

*Artist of vegetable fermentation 

Our whole pattern of preserving vegetables has changed since studying kraut making and brine pickling with Kirsten Shockey. We now include fermented food in our diet year round by using this time honored, traditional means of preservation. Kirsten is a true expert and creative artist in the realm of fermenting vegetables. Our refrigerator stores now include nettle kraut, Pickled asparagus and hot peppers. As the season progresses we will continue to make more of these wonderful taste treats. We are especially fond of Kirsten's "Edgy Veggie" medley of mixed brined vegetables with spices. It is wonderful to have these crisp, live foods to add exciting fresh and healthful flavors to our menu. It is great fun, it tastes wonderful and it saves on energy use, as we stock our pantry for the winter from the garden's bounty. Our crocks are active on our kitchen counter through out the season. --Barbara 


Contact the Coop for registration details. (541) 482-2237

Tuesday, August 19 6:30-9pm

This is not your grandmother's sauerkraut. There are plenty of other vegetables available this time of year and here’s a whole new way to preserve what they have to offer! Taste and create a flavor arsenal of fermented goodies—concentrated herb pastes, relishes and vegetable combinations that don't necessarily include cabbage. Everyone will take home their creation to ferment and enjoy.

September 24, 2014 7:30pm

Book signing at Powell's City of Books, 1005 W. Burnside  in Portland, OR

September 25, 2014 6:30pm

Book signing at Book Larder, 4252 Fremont Ave N in Seattle, WA

September 26, 2014

PNBA Dinner at King's Bookstore in Tacoma, WA

September 28, 2014 3:00 pm

Demonstration at First Alternative South Coop in Corvallis, OR sponsored by Grass Roots Books

Reedsburg Fermentation Fest

Note:: the Reedsburg site will be updated with these classes soon.

Kirsten will be offering classes in Reedsburg, WI in October

Saturday, Oct 4 10am-12pm

Get Crocking on a Small Scale

It’s time to get crocking! Expand your culinary skills to include the safe and healthful technique of vegetable fermentation with Kirsten Shockey, co-author of Fermented Vegetables.  The class will focus on tasting fresh ferments and making sauerkraut with seasonally available vegetables. Participants will take home a jar of kraut. 

Saturday, Oct. 4 3-5pm
Finding your Inner Fermentista

This is not your grandmother's sauerkraut. This hands-on class with Kirsten Shockey, co-author of Fermented Vegetables, will focus on tasting and creating a flavor arsenal of fermented goodies—concentrated herb pastes, relishes and vegetables combinations that don't necessarily include cabbage. Everyone will take their creation to ferment and enjoy at home. 

Saturday, Oct. 4 7:30-8:30pm
Once Upon a Brine: A Fermentista's Tale

Author, homesteader, and food entrepreneur Kirsten Shockey will share stories grounded in family, place and community. She will recount her family's fermentation journey from a fateful Christmas present (a crock of sauerkraut) to the dream and realization of a certified preservation kitchen. Pick up a copy of her cookbook Fermented Vegetables. 

Sunday, Oct. 5 11am-12:30pm
Cooking with Ferments

Many people ask "How can I use ferments in meals?"  In this demonstration Kirsten Shockey, co-author of Fermented Vegetables will share ideas to help you see fermented food as a "new" ingredient in cooking delicious nutrient-dense meals. You will go home with recipes and ideas that will make fermented vegetables your new favorite convenience food. 

October 9, 2014 4 pm to 6 pm

Tasting and Signing at the Ashland Coop, Ashland OR

October 14, 2014

On the Plate: Using Fermented Veggies as a Meal Ingredient 

Ashland Coop, Ashland OR (541) 482-2237

October 16, 2014 

Waucoma Books, Hood River OR

October 18, 2014 

NW Author Feast, The Dalles OR

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kirsten will be presenting again at the Winter Dreams Summer Gardens 16th Annual Gardening Symposium. Kirsten will be presenting on preserving veggies from your garden in a session. To be held at RCC/SOU Higher Education Center in Medford.  For information call 541-776-7374 or go to OSU Master Gardener website.

December 5, 2014

Oregon Books and Games. We will be doing a demonstration after First Friday events. Stay tuned for details.

Kirsten has an innate ability to combine flavors in a surprising and exciting way. She is Southern Oregon's local treasure of pickling knowledge. A day in her kitchen will give you the ability to preserve your garden's bounty in a time saving, delicious, and healthful way. Goodbye canning, hello pickling! --Carol

We do custom small group classes at our farm and are available for consultation for setting up your own fermentation station in your deli, restaurant, or on farm. 

Kirsten helped us to establish our fermentation program. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable and helpful, she was a true pleasure to spend time with.  She has helped us to organize community classes as well as create in-house products. Kirsten has continued to provide advice and guidance long since we worked together. We greatly appreciate everything she has done and will always welcome her as a member of our team. 

--Bryan Tremayne, Proprietor Primal  Cut Meats, Bend, OR


About Us

Kirsten and Christopher Shockey got their start in fermenting foods, first on in their home, and then with their farmstead food company (Mellonia Farm), where they created over forty varieties of cultured vegetables and krauts. When they realized their passion was for the process, they chose to focus on teaching the art of fermenting vegetables. They still experiment with new recipes, help others set up in-house or farmstead “fermentories”, teach classes at their farm and host small farm workshops. 

They live on a 40-acre hillside homestead in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon, where they have cultivated a handmade life for the last 15 years. Their days are a chaotic combination of parenting, day jobs, writing and navigating whatever the climate and the rural lifestyle throws their way. 

Every day is different. Christopher and Kirsten can be found watering, preserving harvests, making cheese, planting trees, chopping firewood, mucking stalls, hiking, dreaming up the next project, reading, or dancing on the porch under the stars.  At the end of the day they go to bed exhausted and knowing life is good.

We would love to hear from you :: kirsten@fermentista.us